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Using a Dogs Natural Instincts in Dog Training

Here is a fun video that actually tells us something about our dogs and teaches us how to use a dog’s natural instincts in Dog Training.

They know that by looking away, they are submitting and avoiding conflict even pleasing you. This is actually a good and wanted behavior. This would be the same behavior you would want to see if you had a dog that when seeing another dog they try to lunge and attack Or if you have a cat chaser, we would want the dog to see the cat, then look at you. At that point you give your dog direction or leadership. You start to create a thinking dog that looks to you for leadership. Remember it may take some time but its well worth it.

The goal is to have your dog avoid the conflict and look away. It’s not easy to achieve in all situations however its a learned behavior that can be taught to most dogs.

If you notice the dogs in this video are not afraid nor are they being threatened. This is a natural canine behavior that looks extremely cute. The goal is to use our dogs natural instincts and their natural reactions and try to capitalize on them. Much of your success depends on your dogs temperament, your methods as well as your consistency.

In the meantime I hope you find this video funny and maybe look at if from another point of view.

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