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Dog Training Mobile, Pet Training  Dog, Tucson, AZ

Why Us?

What Makes Our Tucson Dog Training Methods Different?

We start in your home

Mobile Dog Training TruckThe reason for this is dogs learn faster if they are comfortable. People tend to participate more if they don’t have to drive for miles.

This is a big one; most issues actually started in your home. Keep in mind if you cannot gain control in your own home, how will you ever get control outside of your home? Of course we venture to the outside world, in fact on the first lesson we will take your normal walk so I can see first hand what you are dealing with. After we get your pooch on track we can venture to stores or parks even help at the vets office if needed. We can teach you how to be the pack leader without using physical force or bing a bully to your dog.

We believe that the relationship with your dog is unique. Just as you are unique, no two dogs are the same either. We customize our training to fit you as well as your dog. Communication is one of the key ingredients,if you do not learn how to communicate with your dog, you will both get very frustrated.

Of course all canines speak the same language, however, because of how dogs learn, they could react very differently to the same situation. Example, one dog barks when the doorbell rings, while another dog will not even respond at all.

My philosophy is simple, we never hurt dogs. We do not use harsh methods, no shock, pinch or choke collars. I do not believe in using treat after treat to bribe a dog. On the same hand, I will use treats to gain trust and teach dogs new tasks. Then we quickly ween off them. In fact in most cases, we don’t need treats.

I believe in a relationship based training process, the method I use depends on your personality and your dogs temperament. Again, never using pain to train!

We normally use Operant Conditioning, classical conditioning, desensitization as well as other training methods.

I hope this helps you understand the mindset and approach of “The Dog Training Mobile”. I look forward to meeting you and helping your pack soon!  Our Training Packages

Give me a call at 520-477-6334 or email me at gerard@dogtrainingmobile.com