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Complete Guide to Tucson Dog Obedience Training

dog obedience training tucsonBest Tucson Dog Obedience Training

At Dog Training Mobile we feel teaching your dog the basics is very important for a few reasons. You must start with a strong foundation first before doing any other training, safety is another reason. And of course our dogs should be a liked member of your household. If we can correct unwanted behavior in the home, more dogs will be able to stay in their original homes.

As we all know the main reason people give up their dogs is due to behavioral issues. Solving this first can cut back on dogs being given up for adoption. We have all walked into a friend or family members home, only to feel their dog is out of control.

Jumping all over you or barking at you, all of us have seen this type of behavior at some point in our life.

Dog Obedience Training Foundation

People often ask me where to start, my suggestion is to start with the foundation training. Think about it, if your dog isn’t going to come, sit, stay and walk nice on a leash for you, he’s not going to behave when you have company either. This unwanted behavior becomes a pattern and it becomes much harder to teach them as they become older. It’s not that they can’t learn when they get older, it’s just a little more difficult. The older the dog the more likely they will try to revert back to behavior they are familiar with, they revert back to what they know. I recommend to start obedience training from a young puppy, as young as 10 weeks. But if they are older, you can still obedience train your dog, don’t worry if you didn’t start at 10 weeks, just start now.

dog obedienceSit, Stay, Come commands with Training your Dog

Teaching the sit, stay and come command can save your dogs life. It’s okay to use treats at first to help motivate your dog. However you do want to ween off treats once your dog gets the basic idea. Having your dog only respond if a treat is waiting isn’t very helpful.

Most dogs want to please their owners and if we can make it fun for them that will only help your dog learn faster. Stay up beat and remember make it easy for them in the beginning. After they get the hang of it, then raise the bar. Starting out too hard will only discourage your dog.

Remember your puppy or dog is not being vindictive when they destroy something in your home. It might feel that way at times but that is not how dogs think. Destructive behavior is due to boredom or separation anxiety or you could be giving your dog or puppy too much free space. When you first get a new dog, you only give them a small area. As they prove to you they aren’t going to be destructive, you give them a larger area. It’s like all dog training, one step at a time.

As always if you need help, feel free to give me a call at The Dog Training Mobile 520-440-8848.

Gerard Raneri

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