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Puppies Training …. Puppies Need to be Socialized, Even During a Pandemic  

During this time of “staying home to be safe” our new puppies are becoming more and more fearful, more and more reactive.  I’m going to say things that may insult you or make you feel angry towards me; just remember, my world is all about doing what’s best best for dogs and puppies.

Your puppy needs to see people and other dogs. Your puppy must be socialized. You are hurting your puppies and dogs by keeping them home and not letting them interact with new people & other dogs and pups.  Your fears of catching covid 19 keeps you home, I get that.   However, if you went out and got a puppy, you owe it to your puppy to socialize him or her. Dog Parks are a great place (when done safely).   People let their pups and dogs socialize and  the humans stand 6 to 20′ apart. It’s safe and your pup learns to interact with people & dogs, not just you. If your dog or puppy is already fearful then, you may want to just walk around the dog park on the outside of the fencing. Just letting your pup or dog see the other dogs and see other people is a start. After a few days of this, you start letting your dog meet other dogs through the fence (if there is no fence fighting) and if you dog is ready. If your pup or dog needs more help, consider getting help from a trainer.

No.. Not on the couch


The point is,  I’m seeing so many dogs that are being kept hidden away… it’s bad for them and it’s bad for us humans as well but that’s up to you. The dogs are my main concern and i know you can safely socialize your dogs and puppies at this point. Also, there is doggie day care, if you don’t or can’t do it yourself. I recommend doggie daycare facilities that have outdoor areas for the dogs to potty. Some doggie daycare facilities do not have outside area so all the dogs soil inside.

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