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Our Dogs & COVID 19 … what is the truth

Sometimes I think the truth is… “they simply do not know for sure yet.”

I know our dogs are social animals, they need our interaction, affection and leadership. They also need to learn how to socialize with other dogs. We all know what happens if we wait too long to socialize our dogs. Some of you have called me to help you with aggression or fear issue with a dog that never got socialized.  So its a balancing act that gets lopsided if we don’t help our dogs through the process. This is one reason I never stopped working with dogs & people during this issue.. Always following the CDC guidelines of course.

This COVID 19 affecting our dogs is scary… however I do not think it will turn out to be a threat to our dogs. The reason I feel that way is, they say dogs are a “dead end host”. To me thats good news. They also tell us that in every case the animals are fine.. The Big Cat in The Bronx NY and the Pug in NC are both fine. Please, understand I think we must be careful, follow guidelines and use common sense.

Check out this video on another page, then click the news video when it loads… its a good report and it will talk about the Dead End Host as well as over 6000 dogs and cats tested for COVID 19…

COVID 19 and our Dogs  

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