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Include Your Dog in your New Year Resolution

Happy New Year to you and your Family/Pack- Lets not forget your dog(s) too! 


It’s been a great year for us here at Dog Training Mobile. We have successfully worked with many dogs with serious issues. The satisfaction we gain from helping a dog to stay in its forever home is outstanding. Many of the dogs we work with are on their last chance; turning their unwanted behavior around is extremely rewarding. Our dogs are part of our family/ pack, we owe it to them to do our very best and help them to overcome their unwanted behavior.

Using the correct methods when dealing with dogs that are having extreme issues is very important.  Ask your trainer if the issue you need help with is one they have experience resolving.

In my experience using pain to manage unwanted behavior is never a good idea and with certain dog temperaments it can make dogs aggressive or turn a dog fearful. That said, rarely will a dog need harah corrections but with certain temperament dogs, it may be needed. Please keep in mind that as a family dog trainer, I find I can resolve most issues with passive, non harsh corrections. I use lots of positive reinforcement and educate dogs on how the make the right choice. We want to help our dogs to become a thinking dog, not a reactive dog.

We hope you and your dogs have had a great year as well.  Here are some tips for 2018- Let’s get off on the right Paw!

Click on My dog Remo the true couch potato for tips 

                                                                     Remo is now 8 years old 



Free Behavior Quiz-  See how your dog’s behavior measures up!

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