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Holiday Gift Ideas For Dog Owners

pug with santa holiday hatWe have all walked into a friend or family members home and within moments a dog is jumping on you. Or worse yet, you can’t even walk in because the dog is blocking the door barking!  While we all enjoy our friend’s and family members dogs, when you’re trying to visit and their dogs are jumping all over you and they are on couch right next to you, this can be overwhelming.

Here is a holiday gift idea that can help them have peace and balance within their home. Lets face it, life can be hectic enough without our dogs being out of control.

How do you tell someone that their dog is being annoying? How do we find a way to tell our loved ones that their dogs are out of control?

Give them a Dog Training Mobile Holiday give certificate!

About the Dog Trainer and Owner of Dog Training Mobile

Tucson based, owner Gerard Raneri has been training dogs over 20 years. Gerard comes to their home and teaches their dog and shows the owners how to settle the pack. How to get the dog(s) to listen.

With the holiday upon us, what better way then to give them Dog Training as a gift.

Remember dogs do not want to misbehave, they just need to be taught how to behave. The pack or family rules must be established. We do this without shock or pinch collars or any pain to the dog at all. We use proven methods and the training is done right in the home. No driving to some box store or to a park after a long day of work. The Dog Training Mobile owner/ trainer Gerard Raneri will personally conduct the training. You will not be passed off to an apprentice to solve your canine issues. Gerard meets them one on one in their home.

The Foundation Package has three in home visits and makes an ideal gift.  Please, contact me for details and rates.

***Mention this Blog Post to receive additional training equipment with your paid training package at no extra cost.

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Email: gerard@dogtrainingmobile.com

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