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My Dog Training Reviews by real clients—I love Dogs!

Gerard has been a true blessing for our dog!

He has had much formal training, yet after being attacked twice he developed a fear of other dogs. He also had other fear issues related to wind, high pitched sounds, and anything he sees that is unfamiliar such as a log floating in water. He would growl, pant, and bark for seemingly no reason. He is a smart dog, knowing all commands well, but when fearful he then ignored, almost seemingly forgot everything he knew. We like to travel and were not happy boarding him knowing he is stressed with other dogs and his behavior was unpredictable. We discussed medications but felt his behaviors was something we may be doing and did not want to ‘drug him up’ unit we explored ways to possibly reduce his fears and slight separation anxiety.

The best part about in home training is our dog was not stressed by the sounds and smells of other dogs which is what we had when we took him to training facilities. Gerard got to know him and get him to trust him in his environment before we introduced him to stressful situations. Our dog loved him and responded to him immediately. Gerard was firm but gentle with him, and gave us homework, which we needed.

Gerard traveled with us to stores and dog parks, even riding in our car so he could see how anxious our dog was in the car. He took the time to get an overall picture and sense for the dog instead of a cookie cutter regimen of dog training. What impressed me the most was him saying each dog is unique therefore they do not all respond to the same training method.
Gerard has multiple contacts as well; therefore he can cross services to meet your dog needs. This had never been offered to us before. He was recommended by our vet, therefore when we agreed he needed medication we were very comfortable with that decision and so was the vet.

Gerard advised proper socialization to reduce fear around other dog. We were hesitant as we were unsure of how our dog would react. Gerard actually met us at a doggie day care/boarder to make sure we were comfortable with her and assess our dog around other dogs to ensure he was providing us with the correct rehabilitation plan. He made sure our dog as well as we ,were in an environment he could learn to trust other dogs, which is what he needed. We have felt so comfortable with Gerard, he is so sweet! It is evident he wants you to succeed and does the very best he can for your dog. I have been very impressed! Highly recommend!

via – Cori B.

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 6 reviews
 by Donna & Sean
Our dog trainer

We are very satisfied with the training we received. Our dog had a few big issues. Baby is our female poodle mix and she would go on out table to steal food also jumping and barking. Honestly we are so surprised at how fast she got it. Please understand that she’s not 100 % trained however after 3 lessons, she is 100% better. We might add 3 more. We pla.n on sassssu

 by jim l.

Gerard is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing his passion for dog training. Best of all, he comes to your home, will tailor the sessions to meet your dog's needs, and sends followup e-mails and calls to check on your dog's progress. I highly recommend Gerard as a dog trainer who goes above and beyond for his clients.

 by Linda J
Very Happy with the Dog Training methods

I love that Gerard comes to my home to train my dog. He also went with me to Starbucks and had coffee with me and my dog (Sasha) . Because we do that all the time, Gerard says it real life dog training. We worked on having Sasha lay on a pad I brought. He also suggested giving Sasha something to keep busy, like a bully stick or kong. However she has to learn to do that with or without a bone.

He asked me to show him how my real life, day to day activities goes with my dog. Thats how Gerard trains. He wants my dog to have manners in and out of the home, during real life activities.

I have to say my dog responded very quickly. I think my dog really likes Gerard, she's always happy to see him.

More importunely my dog listens to me now and thats what makes the training worth every penny.

Thanks Gerard, we are very happy customers!




Great Review! Sincerely Gerard

 by Donna & Vincent L.
Now a Well Behaved Dog

I live in Tucson 8 months out of the year. Our dog barks and reacts to any animals she sees or hears. Also our dog pulls on the leash and if she was off of the leash, she would run away.
I called 3 dog trainers here in Tucson and only one returned our call within 24 hours, Gerard with Dog Training Mobile and one other called us back after two days. After talking to both trainers, we decided to give Gerard a try. He offers a no obligation no cost evaluation.

Well... we hired him and we are so glad we did. Gerard gave us a 10% off because my husband served in the military. I happen to mention that my husband was retired military, he said I get 10% off!
The training went so well, the methods that Dog Training Mobile and gerard use are so natural for dogs to learn.
He taught use how to do things without yelling or hitting or pulling them. I have to be honest, I didn't think it would work because it sounded to good to be true.
He uses no shock collars or choke collars, just a martingale type collar. Our Dog Stella is no longer crazy reactive to animals, She will still bark once or twice but when we tell her to "leave it" she stops every time now. Gerard told us its the dogs prey drive and natural instinct to react this way. Shutting it down 100% without using a pain method will take awhile. But honestly barking a few times is no big deal, we can live with that. So we don't care if this is as good as she gets. Pulling is over.. Stella pulls no more, and she heels fine off leash around our fenced property. We don't walk off leash any place else. So the bottom line is Gerard kept his word, we never was late and never canceled any lessons on us. I am happy to recommend Gerard with Dog Training Mobile to anyone with dog issues.
Thanks Gerard!

 by Gary L.
Six Stars!

Six stars for Gerard ! we adopted a rescue dog in Jan 2019. This dog was very fearful of humans as she had been born and spent her puppyhood in the desert west of Tucson. During her two year life she had no human contact until she was rescued weighing in about 48 pounds and looking really sad and pitiful for a dog that should weigh about 65 pounds. But after spending 6 weeks with a rescue Foster Mom, she was deemed "adoptable". We applied and the wonderful rescue Foster Mom thought we were a good match. She forewarned us that "Coco" would need a lot of training and patience from us for a long time, but we were willing..we contacted Gerard for some professional help and my did he do wonders for the dog and us ! we made great progress with this extraordinary dog. Today, about six weeks since we adopted her, she walks with us perfectly, sits, lays down, comes to us, and other basic commands. Gerard helped us understand how to act with this fearful girl and we worked hard to follow his professional guidance. He also advised us about treats and nutrition and leaving the dog alone..everything ! Great teacher and really knows dogs AND the people who want a great family pet..we have one now..Thanks Gerard !!

 by N.S.
Great Experience!

We had a great experience! Georgia, our Sheepadoodle, is a completely different dog-in good way... manners, listens, follows her commands. We enjoyed working with Gerard! You can tell he really loves his job! Thanks again, Gerard!