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Training Packages

Training Packages & How it Works

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In most cases people either email me or call me—I try my best to return all calls and emails within a few hours however please allow up to 24 hours. If you only want me to email you my pricing, please send me your zip code. This tells me how far I have to travel for our visits, its key information for me to give you a fair rate.

Once we make contact

I want to understand what’s going on with your dog behavior wise. We will discuss all the situations that trigger the unwanted behavior in your dog. In some cases people just need basic training for their puppy or dog. Even with this type of training I would like details, such as is he or she pulling on the leash, barking, jumping, or maybe just not listening in general.
Keep in mind I do not price based on issues. Regardless of your issues, my pricing is the same. It’s based on the amount of time spent with you. This is why I offer packages, I understand that dogs may learn something immediately, however they will revert back to the unwanted behavior. This is the reason for repeated visits and training between my visits.

Our initial, in-person appointment is no-obligation and no pressure. During this first visit, I will discuss my philosophy and explain how my system works. During this time I am interacting with you and your dog(s) as well assessing the situation.
After about 45+- minutes, I stop and ask you if you feel this system is for you.
If you’d prefer not to use my services, you can just say “No thank you,” and I’ll be on my way. There is no further obligation to you, no charge for that time. I feel it’s only fair to meet face to face before you make your mind up.

If you do decide to continue, we will move forward to finish the day’s training lesson, which will last a total of 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on the number of dogs you have. At the end of this lesson, you will be obligated to pay for the Foundation Package (details below). For your convenience, we do accept credit cards Visa, Master Card and Amex, However I prefer checks. I do of course accept cash.

We will then plan a revisit to take place in another 7 to 10 days. However, please know that during this important time, I will be following up with you to ensure you stay on track. You can expect us to touch base between visits, I will also send one email a week for 4 to 5 weeks. The emails are reminders of what we learned together on the lessons. This helps to reinforce you so you can in return reinforce your dog.

Training Package #1: The Foundation

Please keep in mind, for most clients, “The Foundation” package is all that’s needed. After we talk and after I meet your pack I can assess that.
3 visits to your home or where needed used within 6 to 8 weeks.

What’s included? Please, (contact me for quote & details)

Training Package #2: The Foundation Plus – (email for quote & details)

Upon completion of The Foundation Package, you can choose to upgrade to this package (and therefore add more lesson).
Up to 6 lessons in your home or where need, over 6 months. You’re adding 3 visits to the Foundation Package.

What’s included? Please, contact me for details!

Training Package #3: The Extended Package — (email for quote & details) Upon completion of The Foundation Plus

Up to 12 lessons in your home and outings , over 12 months. you can choose to upgrade to this package (and therefore add more lesson).

What’s included, how much do we charge? Please, contact me for details!

Once we receive your zip code we’ll send you the exact pricing for our services. No games or gimmicks or hidden fees, fill out the contact form and we’ll respond within 24 hours. If you would rather call, feel free to do so.

Our goal is to respond within a few hours, please allow 24 over the weekend or off hours. I look forward to speak with you soon.