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Our Dog’s & The Holiday Season

IMG_1363As a dog trainer here in Tucson I get to see the gifts people purchase for their dogs.

While some of the gifts are fine others are concerning to me; The biggies – cowhide bones, treats with sugar in them or the toys made in china can have chemicals in them. I would like to point out a few things that aren’t healthy for our dogs. As well as some positive options you can go with. 

First, Cowhide Bones: 90% of them are from china. Also when a cowhide bone gets wet it swells up to at least double its original size. This swelling can and has created blockages in dogs. This blockage can be deadly for our dog. I’m not a fan of any cowhide bones however the “Compressed Cowhide” is better for your dog. I suggest using real bones or bully sticks. Places like OK Feed, Vista Feed and The Pet Club sell frozen, raw bones & bully sticks for dogs.

Dogs should always be monitored when eating any bone.

Second, Grocery Store Dog Treats, during the holiday’s they sell all kinds of cutely packaged treats, 99% of them are junk food for your dog. It’s like giving your child candy. You get the ideas… It’s just bad for them. There are very good treats for our dogs available.

I also suggest buying sample bags of high quality dog food and use that for treats. Orijen sells 12oz sample bags for 3.99 each, dogs love them. Also available at OK Feed or The Pet Club.

All the treats at stores like Fry’s, Safeway, or just about any Grocery store have all kinds of sugar and fillers in them. Oh yes.. they are disguised as other things such as molasses however it breakdown in our dog’s body as sugar. Beggin Bacon Treats are full of sugar. The other treats such as milk bones are loaded with corn, wheat or other fillers.

I suggest one ingredient treats such as Steward’s Pro Treats, Freeze Dried, Chicken, Pork, Beef or even Turkey. Your dog will be so happy he’s getting pure meat with no fillers he/she will probably even sit for you!

Lastly are the Stuffed Animal Toys, look for USA made, while it’s not easy to find, they are out there. You won’t find them at the grocery store. You have to go to our local Tucson stores to get them.

Kong makes all kinds of things that dogs love to play with. I trust Kong products. By the way, I’m not on anyone’s payroll. I’m only suggesting the things I personally use with my dogs.

Over the holiday’s our dogs can get into all kinds of things, such as the Christmas tree decorations. Tinsel can be a really dangerous for dogs, it can wrap around their intestines and surgery is the only cure. Some foods like grapes, certain nuts, chocolate. Lets not forget Mistletoe, poinsettia plants are also no no’s. The idea here is to be aware of your pooch during the holiday’s. Don’t assume because it says it’s for a dog that it’s actually good for your dog.

I hope this helps to remind you that it’s up to us to keep our dogs safe. After all it’s the pack leaders’ job to keep his pack safe.

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah!



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