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Having a relationship with your canine companion isn’t always easy. Just like any other relationship, sometimes you need help to solve a problem. This pack leader thing can sometimes seem confusing. Well… I can simplify it for you!

dog tucsonAsk the dog trainer, if you have a dog training question and live in our area (Tucson, AZ) we would like to hear from you. If you have a question about my dog training program or maybe a specific issue you need some help with, I would be happy to give you my thoughts.

But be forewarned… It’s usually us humans that need to change our behavior first, before our dog can change theirs. We tend to keep doing the same thing over and over and somehow we want and may even get mad that the behavior has not changed.

If you have questions about your dog regarding aggression,food, potty training, jumping or even sibling rivalry and you’re not sure what to do…Ask Gerard!

Ask Tucson’s TOP dog trainer, Gerard Raneri, your Question below.

Ask away, I’m here to help. 🙂

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