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Dog Training Mobile, Pet Training  Dog, Tucson, AZ


dog training mobile tucsonI grew up in a home with dogs, ever since I can remember we had a dog. As an adult, I’ve always had dogs as well. I’ve owned many breeds including German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Pugs and even a Labradoodle.

I trained my first dog over 25 years ago, and it quickly became my passion. Through the years I have studied a wide array of methods. It became clear to me that dogs are unique. Just as each human is unique, each dog is too; no two dogs are exactly the same. I learned if I customized my training, we could teach a lot more people how to resolve their dogs issues and train dogs quicker. This is what lead me to my current relationship based dog training philosophy. It’s built on communicating and building a strong bond without force.

My goal has been to build the relationship between the dog and the owner. There is no better feeling for me than when someone calls me because they are about to give their dog away, give it back to the pound, or worse, put the dog down and we help them turn that around. Helping them work through this situation is extremely rewarding. Not to mention, seeing that dog walk nice on the leash or not charge at people anymore makes my clients very happy.

As a 30 + year Tucsonan, I am aware of the unique situations and issues connected with living in our Desert—not just as a dog trainer but also as a dog owner. Our heat creates a unique situation in many ways. From walks in the desert and on our streets to socializing. This can become very difficult to do in the summer.  The critters we have including the snakes can be a challenge for us pet owners as well. The streets can become so hot our dogs do the Tucson shuffle. Summers can be difficult on our dogs. This is all part of the reason I offer In-Home Dog Training.  I’m confident we can help with your dog and I look forward to meeting and helping you soon.